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The structure, a splendid 500 sq.m. villa immersed in green, caters for infants and children from 3 months to 6 years in crechè and nursery sections..

The child is offered a wide ranging multicultural education, cared for by qualified mother tongue English and Frenchstaff who are both experienced and constantly updated. The school adopts innovative, cutting edge teaching methods which are programmed by the educational group in collaboration with the teaching coordinator and supervised by the teaching educational director.

Specific spaces and equipment, conforming to EU security standards, are subdivided into structured corners for small group activities, promoting both the child's autonomy and providing a sense of security and protection.

The school is open from Monday to Friday from 07.30 until 18.30, offering flexible leaving hours. It is open during the Christmas and Easter holidays and closes during the month of August.

The school ensures a constant commitment in guaranteeing security and hygiene through the 'Piani di Autocontrollo' (Programmes of self control) law 626 of the Security in Work Environments and HAACP, for the canteen service, with periodical controls from this sector's authorities.The kitchen is on the spot and provides a menu approved by the ASL which rotates on a 5 week period. The food is mainly organic and particular attention is given to intolerances, allergies and religious dietary restrictions. The school also provides a morning and afternoon snack.


The school provides a course of MUSICAINFASCE (aimed at children from 0 to 3 years) and a course of Musicality Development (for children from 3 to 6 years) following the Music Learning Theory of E. Gordon, whose main objectives is to promote the musical development of each child according to his potential, his methods and above all his learning times.


The school organizes meetings with parents twice a month.
The 'Physodynamic Operating Parents' Group' is for parents of children attending the school who want to create an area of sharing and encounter where they can express their perplexities on their role as parents and their own educational style.
It is run by Dr. Francesca Martinelli, psychologist and psychotherapeutist specialized in psychological evaluation and inidivual psychotherapy, Dr. Silvia Valenza, psychologist, pyschotherapeutist specialized in individual and group psychotherapy and Dr. Nicola Brignani, clinical psychologist.
Twice a month the school offers an evening baby sitting service (Baby Night) where parents can enjoy some hours of freedom, leaving their little ones in the happy company of their carers who will organize games with inflatable balloon sculptures, baby dance, good food and little cinema in pyjamas


English Language Laboratories are organized for children from first grade of primary school to second grade of secondary school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 16.45.


A transport service from home or a place near your office is available..


The Summer Centres open in June, from Monday to Friday, from 07.30 to 18.30, for children from 3 to 6 years. The activities organized include painting laboratories, cooking classes, water games in the swimming pool, movement education and very many fun games in ENGLISH!
In July we offer a linguistic SCHOOL CAMP in BORGO SPANTE (Umbria) for children who have reached their 6th birthday.


Enrolments open each year on 1 February. For more information, to request an appointment or visit the premises, please call 06/5910339 or send us an e-mail at infoeur@lamaisonnette.net

Director Education and Learning: DANIELA GIANESINI 

LA MAISONNETTE - Viale dell'Umanesimo

Viale dell'Umanesimo 72-74 00144 Roma (Eur)
Tel. 065910339 \ Fax 0654229393
Email: infoeur@lamaisonnette.net
Titolare e Direttrice Educativa e Didattica

DANIELA GIANESINI - daniela.gianesini@lamaisonnette.net

Titolare e Direttore Amministrativo

ROBERTO GUERRA - r.guerra@lamaisonnette.net

Coordinatrice Didattica

LEILA MORGIA - leilamorgia@lamaisonnette.net




La Maisonnette was founded in 1980 by Teresa Genova. Located near the Colosseum, in Viale del Monte Oppio, it was originally a bi-lingual (Italian-French) lay school; in the 1990?s English was introduced, making it a tri-lingual school and putting it in the category of a European school. La Maisonnette has a nursery school for children from three months to three years and a kindergarten for children from three to six. Children are grouped according to age. Extra courses are available to children from four to eleven in language, music, gymnastics and computer. La Maisonnette opened a second school Read More

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