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English Teacher Mother tongue

La Maisonnette is looking for an English teacher mother tongue particularly prepared for the range 0-6 years old and with experience in the field

French Teacher Mother tongue

La Maisonnette is looking for a French teacher mother tongue particularly prepared for the range 0-6 years old and with experience in the field

Italian Teacher Mother tongue Nursery School

La Maisonnette is looking for Nursery School italian mother tongue specified in the field, social services /teacher’s training school/ relating to educational psychology high school diploma or educational science degree.

Italian Teacher Mother tongue Crèche

La Maisonnette is looking for teacher specialised for the crèche, Italian mother tongue with a specific preparation, teacher’s training school diploma/ educational science degree primary school field


La Maisonnette was founded in 1980 by Teresa Genova. Located near the Colosseum, in Viale del Monte Oppio, it was originally a bi-lingual (Italian-French) lay school; in the 1990?s English was introduced, making it a tri-lingual school and putting it in the category of a European school. La Maisonnette has a nursery school for children from three months to three years and a kindergarten for children from three to six. Children are grouped according to age. Extra courses are available to children from four to eleven in language, music, gymnastics and computer. La Maisonnette opened a second school Read More

Our leisure centers and Entertainment Centres

La Maisonnette HAPPY TIME

It is an innovative type of recreation centres, baby - parking and toy libraries addressed to children aged 0 to 12, suitable for playing games and


Little children are more and more often affected by allergies. This is largely due to the number of pollutants to which they are exposed every day.


Innovative as regards the operating method and the know-how available for franchisees, with permanent and themed workshops, including: - ?The Playthin