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  • Affiliated Center La Maisonnette

    (Morena, Roma)

  • The development of ideas and actions of La Maisonnette® continues with the opening in September 2016, of a new Educational Centre in Morena. A new meeting place made up of people, thoughts and experiences in which children are free to undergo activities and projects.

    The school, which specializes in welcoming children from 3 months to 3 years old in homogeneous classes, is located 4 km from G.R.A., on Via Anagnina, in the south-east of the capital. The new Educational Centre responds to the needs of the neighbourhood, which since 2004 has experienced a period of great expansion and redevelopment with a new urban project and the opening of important multinational sales points such as Ikea and Euronix.

    The 200 sqm property offers an organized garden and a convenient parking area.

    The school follows the Reggio Emilia Approach, in which children are considered bearers of strong development potential and recognized as subjects of rights that learn and grow in relationships with others. The educational project includes the participation of families, the collegial work of all the staff, the importance of the educational environment and the presence of a constantly updated atelier. Following the principle of the “Hundred languages”, children are offered the opportunity to be in contact with more materials, more languages, more points of view; to have at the same time active hands, thoughts and emotions, enhancing the expressiveness and creativity of each child individually and as a bearer of knowledge within a group. Inside the school the children have the possibility to carry out the activities through the use of support tools such as the light box for “L’Atelier di Luci” and the microscope.

    An on-line Logbook is available to parents, which can be accessed only by using the credentials provided by the school, with the aim of sharing with the family the moments of growth, the stories, the explorations, and the emotions that children live daily inside the class.

    THE KITCHEN in the school follows the Self-Regulation plan established by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), and allows the school to accommodate the needs of the families and the children during weaning, in compliance with the menu approved by the ASL, which allows to change the proposal in a 5-weeks menu. Particular attention is given to allergies and intolerances for which, subject to medical certification, an alternative menu is provided.

    THE SCHOOL IS OPEN from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00pm, from September 1st to the end of July of each academic year.

    In respect of trilinguism, which distinguishes every La Maisonnette® Educational Centre and thanks to the presence of native speakers, the English, French and Italian languages coexist in the school. La Maisonnette® is not a French or English school but a place where children are in contact with different languages and cultures and are immersed daily in a multicultural context. The didactic activities, from drawing to painting, from theatre to reading, from music to coordinated movement, from the manipulation of different materials to free time play, are all lived in language and allow not only to initiate processes of knowledge but become structured occasions in which children are free to build their own ways of learning and as a consequence, a greater awareness of their resources.

    The constant and daily presence of the Didactic Coordinator is not only a requirement as a member of La Maisonnette® circuit, but is a tangible and concrete guarantee of the educational quality that distinguishes this Educational Centre.



    The course, based on the foundations of Music Learning Theory and its educational practice, based on over 50 years of research and observations, will accompany your children to the discovery of musical language, whose first step is to stimulate the ability to listen. The musical learning process of children, according to the theories of Edwin E. GORDON, the child already in very tender age is able to perceive and absorb the musical stresses in the same way as learning the language.

    The aim of the course is to stimulate the “musical thought” essential for the understanding of the musical syntax, starting from listening to eventually produce. Listening understood also as a shared relational experience. The emotional bond achieved in listening to music is the basis of learning and experimentation. This will allow the child to “make music” understood as the ability to know how to express musically. We recommend comfortable clothing and non-slip socks.

    For information, please contact Patrizia Escalar to the number: + 39 347 2626054


    The swimming course is reserved for all children from 18 months and is structured as follows: children and staff are accompanied with the school minibus, to the “Fitness Station” swimming pool, located a few km from our location.

    The course takes place once a week, on Thursday morning; the children have exclusive access to the swimming pool and two instructors assigned to them. In the changing rooms as well as a pool assistant, the educators take care of the children.


    Enrollments are open for the new school year.

    For further information, appointments or visiting the school, please send an e-mail to: or call us at: Tel. 06.45505743 – Cell. 347.2626054, Patrizia Escalar.

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