Elementary School Workshop

  • The Elementary school workshop of La Maisonnette

    The Maisonnette in its offices offers the opportunity for girls and children who are already attending school or other facilities and those who attend primary school to enroll in extra-curricular study laboratories and intensive courses in English, French, music and dance.

    Contact the office of interest to find out about the educational offer.

  • Languages courses

    La Maisonnette® offers in-depth language courses for children from the ages of 3 to 11 in English and French

  • Sport courses

    Sports offers the opportunity to children to express their personality and intelligence it stimulates the use of those intellectual skills

  • Dance courses

    La Maisonnette® offers a course in body movement for children from 3 up

  • Music courses

    Our courses are organized in two lessons a week of one hour each: a group and an individual class