The Trademark La Maisonnette

  • La Maisonnette® is a registered trademark and filed with the Italian Patents and Trademarks Office in Rome created in 1980.

    From 2016 the new owners of La Maisonnette® brand are the Educational Director Daniela Gianesini and Managing Director Roberto Guerra of Colle Oppio and Eur Educational Centres.

    La Maisonnette® as a brand, consists of three small stylized overlapping roofs of different colours: a red one, an orange one and a yellow one with a grey chimney between the second and the last roofs, of which the latter is slightly higher than the other. Below, equal in length to the logo, there is the word “La Maisonnette”. The three roofs together make up one of a small house, and they have been chosen as a symbol of simplicity, but also of multiculturalism and interculturalism. The closure created by the roof defines an area that feels like home, which, appears open for its missing walls symbolizing the its strong inclusiveness and sense of welcoming. The little children’s home – La Maisonnette® – in which you can watch, touch, smell, listen, and taste the world that becomes thought through the actions, the words and the affection that we exchange, “where the awe, the wonder, the effort but also the pleasure of creating and learning of the child are a heritage and a resource for all”.
    The resources available to the brand include the val-ues and all the identity contents associated with it. They are specific distinctive marks and there is a potential of attraction and trust towards them that must not be betrayed.
    Within its organization each La Maisonnette® Affiliated Centre promotes the Charter of Values, which is an integral part of its culture, and guides the actions of all persons who belong to it both internally and externally.