Sport Courses

  • The Sport courses of La Maisonnette

  • Sports offers the opportunity to children to express their personality and intelligence it stimulates the use of those intellectual skills like analyzing a situation, problem solving understanding cause-effects relations and those mechanism for the performance of those actions whose development is indispensable for the health of children.
    Thinking, deciding, taking risks while playing, all those activities allow the development of those skills that are important not only in sports but also at school with friends and all the other adventures that children face daily.

    Each sports activity when practiced while playing requires loyalty towards the opponent and teaches to face difficulty in unpredictable situations.
    Practicing sports is an experience that helps the mind and from which children can derive important advantages growing up and enjoying themselves.

    Any sports activity teaches a lifestyle with precise rules and discipline both under a physical point of view and psychological.

    Sports require a huge intellectual effort from children; the only fact of having to understand the rules of the game makes it all more demanding than an adult may think; also the ability to distinguish functions and roles in a team is an accomplishment that requires time.

    That’s the reason why at LA MAISONNETTE the sport is important and is proposed riding horses in the summer where the goals are both to practice sport and learn how to respect the horse.


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