The offer

  • The offer of La Maisonnette

    The La Maisonette® training project accompanies the growth of a child, from nursery school to kindergarten, without forgetting holidays and summer camps. Great attention is paid to afternoon educational workshops, extra curricular, aimed at developing specific skills in children.

  • Nursery School

    Our nursery school is for children between the ages of three months and three years and is broken into groups according to age

  • Kinderkgarten

    Our kindergarteners (children from three to six) are divided into age-groups of not more than 25 and not less than 10 children

  • Elementary School Workshop

    La Maisonnette offers children from their schools or other schools the possibility of participating in in-depth courses in English, French, Music, Dance and Computer

  • Summer School and Parties

    La Maisonnette offers summer activities after public schools close for the summer in its schools in Rome, out of town and abroad