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  • The Affiliated center of La Maisonnette

    (Roma Est)

  • La Maisonnette® grows with the diffusion of its Educational Centres and its philosophy arrived in Palestrina, 40 km in the south-east area of Rome.

    Thanks to the passion and tenacity of the owner Monica Vigi the School complements its educational offer with the proposal of Trilinguism, a project that since the 90s has distinguish the Educational Centres of La Maisonnette®.

    All educational proposals are born from children’s interests and desires to discover; they are free to create and to experiment to build their way of understanding and start their own process of knowledge in a multilingual and multicultural context.

    The Maisonnette® Educational Centre is part of the history of the territory of Palestrina, a City accredited as Slow Food Presidium, rich in monuments, craft traditions, gastronomy and music, offering families and their children an innovative and cutting-edge service and teaching experimented over the years.

    The Nursery La Maisonnette® specializes in welcoming children from 3 months to 3 years old in homogeneous classes with English, French and Italian language speakers. Educators adopt the method of early immersion to trilinguism and make a vehicular use of the language following the natural approach and the principle “Une langue, une personne”.

    From September 2018 this Educational Centres is also a Kindergarten and from September 2021 the Kindergarten is an EGALITARIAN School, recognized by the Ministry of Education. It welcomes children from 3 to 6 years old and a  wide and complete range of recreational, creative and linguistic activities are proposed on the basis of La Maisonnette® principles and method.

    Our Institute is an Examination Centre Trinity for the Digital Transformation Trinity College London awarded our school the Digital Transformation Award for the 2022-23 academic year, recognizing our digital approach to Language Certifications as a virtuous experience. Taking the Trinity Exams in video-conference, allows students to enrich the linguistic preparation and consolidate skills that are essential for the future. How to use new technologies with confidence and critical spirit to learn new skills. The video-conference exam aims at respecting the environment and saving resources from school desks: Trinity College London is an Institution Regenerator of the Green Community of the Ministry of Education and Merit, network of subjects that has been made available to the school communities to support them in the implementation of the initiatives of regeneration and the digital transformation of the school world.”


    THE SCHOOL IS OPEN from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 19:00, from September 1 to July 31.

    La Maisonette – Palestrina offers also a nursery school and the preschool service in the afternoon. The afternoon program provides two time frames, from 15:00/16:00 to 19:00, from Monday to Friday.

    The key points of the afternoon are:

    •  Learning contexts in English and French language;
    •  Artistic activities;
    •  Motor activities;
    •  Logical and mathematical activities;
    •  Cooking lab.

    To accommodate the different needs of families and children there are hour packages for a state of the art and trustworthy rec center service.

    The school has an on going commitment towards safety in the work environment, as well as complying with the security and the hygiene parameters within the Self-Regulation plan established by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to keep high quality standards.

    THE KITCHEN in the school foresees a 5-week menu approved by the ASL (sanitary local company) that includes lunch and snacks. There is special attention to prepare the meals that accommodate the needs of intolerances, allergies, and religious needs.

    Starting from January 2018 La Maisonnette Palestrina serves exclusively biological products. The CANTEEN is “BIO”, furthermore, provides the alternation of weeks with gluten to weeks “GLUTEN FREE!”.

    The School foresees visits with the PEDIATRITIAN for the children of the School (only previous authorization of the parents).



    In January 2021 La Maisonnette Palestrina installed an air purification and surface sanitization system active 24 hours a day inside the school.

    The device installed uses the “ActivePure” technology, the only one globally recognized and certified by Space Technology.





    • English: 30 hours twice a week
    • Spanish: 30 hours twice a week
    • Theatre in French: 30 hours once a week

    FOR CHILDREN 5/7 Groups from 6 to 12 children

    FOR CHILDREN 8/10 Groups from 6 to 15 children

    FOR CHILDREN 11/13 Groups from 6 to 15 children


    What time is it? IT’S SUMMER TIME!

    La Maisonnette – Palestrina offers also the Summer Camp and offers a summer full of fun. Starting in June until the 10th of August, from Monday to Friday.

    Don’t miss our SUMMER CAMP with a full immersion in the three languages Italian, English and French, from children of 3 months until 10 years old! MER


    • Internal canteen Bio;
    • Swimming pool for all the children;
    • Karate;
    • English lessons;
    • Recreational and super fun activities.


    • 8.00 – 16.30 with lunch
    • 8.00 – 12.00 without lunch
    • 13.00 – 16.30 afternoon entrance


    The enrollments for the school year 2019-2020 are open.

    For further information, appointments or visiting the school, please call us: + 39 338 3621225+ 39 338 3621225 or send and email to:

  • La Maisonnette – Palestrina

    Viale della Colombella, 5 – 00036 Palestrina
    Cell. + 39 338 3621225


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