Dance Courses

  • The Dance courses of La Maisonnette

  • La Maisonnette offers a course in body movement for children from 3 up

    3 to 6 – Body movement

    This process helps children learn about their bodies and enables them to become aware of movement through basic dance techniques, playing sequence games of movement, expression and situations.
    They experience sound, color, texture and space relations (falling, rolling, what is big and what is small). Modern dance begins from children’s first experiences with the floor – where they feel safe. The most important steps are breathing, relaxing, contact with the floor, stretching and much time spent learning the rhythm of dance.

    Modern Dance for Children from 7 up

    The course is broken down into three main processes:

    •  Movement as a starting point in acquiring awareness of and gracefulness.
    •  Dance as a creative expression of one’s self and one’s personality.
    •  Basic posture, positions and dance techniques in different types of choreography.

    We begin with respiration, relaxation and muscle development exercises to develop individual creativity.

    We then go on to warm-up and stretching exercises to prepare for physical activity slowly leading up to the study of one’s own body, individual expression and through group dance and individual dance, personal creativity and one’s own emotions.

    Various themes will be addressed during this course: emotions, the elements (earth, water, air, fire, animal life, symbolism) in inter-active and private games.


    If you are interested in this offer, get in touch with us.