Vigna Clara

Centri Affiliati
  • Affiliated Center La Maisonnette

    (Vigna Clara)

  • The Affliated Centre La Maisonnette® establishes itself in the north area of Rome as triilingual (Italian-English-French) nursery school, and proposes a secular, eclectic and multicultural education for children.

    Families of different cultures, languages and religions are accepted into the school that becomes a breeding ground for the emergence of intercultural educational proposals. This is an aspect that has always characterized the educational philosophy of La Maisonnette®.

    La Maisonnette® strongly believes in the idea of a “competent child”. Setting up an adequate learning context allows the abilities to arise and gives the child the possibility to recognize them. Furthermore, in respect of the natural approach to learning others languages,  the Centre offers the child the opportunity to live immersed in foreign languages from his first months of life. This means that children learn primarily through direct experience with the language. The school has as its main objective to create cutting-edge educational experiences with a boundless open-mindedness.

    The school is open from Monday to Friday and from the 1st of September to the 31st of July, from 8.00 am to 05.30 pm.

    All our buildings and pieces of furniture respond to CEE safety requirements.

    The structure provides an internal canteen supplied to offer a varied and well balanced menu that changes in the 5 weeks of the  month; specific meals are provided  in case of allergies and intoleration and  snack food for students both in the morning and in the afternoon are offered.


    Enrolments are open!

    For more information, to request an appointment or visit the premises, please call the numbers:  

    + 39 328 9320763 / + 39 06 31055680 or send us an e-mail at:

  • La Maisonnette – Vigna Clara

    Via Stefano Jacini, 5 – 00191 Roma
    Cell. +39 328.9320763 – Tel. +39 06 31055680


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