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    Nurseries and international childhood school
    • Nursery School

      Our nursery school is for children between the ages of three months and three years and is broken into groups according to age.

    • Kinderkgarten

      Our kindergarteners (children from three to six) are divided into age-groups of not more than 25 and not less than 10 children.

    • Elementary School Workshop

      La Maisonnette offers children from their schools or other schools the possibility of participating in in-depth courses in English, French, Music, Dance and Computer.

    • Summer School and Parties

      La Maisonnette offers summer activities after public schools close for the summer in its schools in Rome, out of town and abroad.


    La Maisonnette was founded in 1980 by Teresa Genova. Located near the Colosseum, in Viale del Monte Oppio, it was originally a bi-lingual (Italian-French) lay school; in the 1990's English was introduced, making it a tri-lingual school and putting it in the category of a European school. La Maisonnette has a nursery school for children from three months to three years and a kindergarten for children from three to six. Children are grouped according to age. Extra courses are available to children from four to eleven in language, music, gymnastics and computer.
  • Affiliated centers

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  • Accredited school institution for TFA

    La Maisonnette-Eur and Colle Oppio are Lazio educational institutions accredited to welcome the trainees of the master’s degree courses in Education Sciences, in the paths of T.F.A. and in courses designed to achieve specialization in support and specialization for the teaching of a DNL in a foreign language.

    For the A.S. 2018-2019 offer the possibility to host the trainees concerned at their premises.

  • Franchising Project

    Opening a centre with La Maisonnette®, means taking up a stimulating, rewarding and satisfactory job in contact with children.

    INFO FRANCHISING: +39 06 5910339 – + 39 339 407 5111


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    • La Maisonnette S.r.l.

      Viale dell’Umanesimo, 72/74 – 00144 Roma

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      Tel. 06.5910339

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      Mon-Fri: 08:30-13:00; 14:00-19:00
      Sat: 08:30-13:00