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  • Affiliated Center La Maisonnette


  • The Nursery school and Kindergarten La Maisonnette, owned and run by Paola Saccone and Francesco Vio, is located in the area around Piazza Bologna, in the Nomentano district of the II Municipality of Rome.

    In the area there are facilities of paramount scientific, cultural and political interest for the city, such as the University City, The Umberto I General Hospital, the National Institute of Health, the National Research Council, as well as many Ministries and Embassies.

    The school offers children an eclectic and multicultural education, managed by highly qualified and constantly updated experts, a triple daily mother-tongue linguistic reference and a cutting-edge didactics that is programmed by the educational group in collaboration with the didactic coordinator and supervised by the educational Director.

    The school offers a well-kept and equipped garden, protected from external traffic and a multi-purpose space for carrying out various activities such as laboratories, music sessions and psycho-motor activities.

    Furthermore, it is provided with spaces and furnishings that correspond to EEC safety standards, divided into structured corners that allow the performance of activities in small groups, favouring children’s autonomy and giving them a sense of security and protection.

    THE SCHOOL IS OPEN from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm, from September 1st to July 1st.

    The school ensures a constant commitment to keeping high safety and hygiene standards according to the HACCP Self-Control Plans for the canteen service, with periodic checks by sector managers, and within the Safety of Work Environments.

    THE KITCHEN is on site and includes a ASL-approved menu, which rotates over 5 weeks. Bread, cakes and biscuits are baked daily in the school premises. Particular attention is given to intolerances, allergies and dishes that respect religious beliefs; the school also provides morning and afternoon snacks.

    From November 2019 the school has adopted NEOLIFE cleaning and cleansing products – GNLD International, a leader in the cleaning sector that offers biodegradable detergents. The formulas are environmentally friendly: no toxic fumes, no harmful chemical agents!



    On the 28th of December 2020 La Maisonnette Nomentano installed an air purification and surface sanitization system active 24 hours a day inside the school.

    The device installed uses the “ActivePure” technology, the only one globally recognized and certified by Space Technology.




    For more information, to request an appointment or visit the premises, please call + 39 06 44240517 or send us an e-mail at

  • La Maisonnette – Nomentano

    Via Treviso 29, 00161 Roma
    Tel. + 39 06 44240517


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