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  • La Maisonnette – Capricci Affiliated Center proposed itself as an alternative structure in the Aurelio district in September 2020 and puts its great experience and know-how at the service of families since 2005.

    The name “Capricci” (Tantrums) wants to highlight one of the different forms of language adopted by children, to whom the school wants to give recognition and legitimacy with respect to welcoming the primary and secondary needs of the child by allowing it. Emotions play an important role in the learning process and allowing to express them freely reveals the school’s modus operandi and its educational philosophy, which makes education a process of continuous growth.

    As Malaguzzi explained, “One hundred” are the languages, one hundred are the accesses to reality through which children build their own intelligence, with their own hands and emotions. Tantrums represent something deeper and are opportunities for learning and growth; they are always useful moments to teach the child to verbally recognize, name and express emotions.

    Through a variety of materials and proposals, the child experiences his curiosity, and in this way he or she organizes his or her ideas and energies, communicates, solves problems and verifies his or her knowledge. Creativity also requires attention, observation, data analysis, hypotheses and testing of solutions, continuous verification and a constant redesigning process.

    All this takes place in a safe and controlled space with competent educators who set up learning contexts and intervene when their support or presence is required.

    With the affiliation to La Maisonnette’s nursery and kindergarten circuit the school’s educational offer is supplemented by the proposal of trilingualism.

    From the first months of life, the child carries out his or her teaching activities in English, French and Italian and has the opportunity to live immersed in foreign languages without running the risk of confusing them, thanks to the application of the principle “one person, one language”. The languages and cultures lived in everyday life coexist without confusion, enriching the cultural background of the child, leading him or her towards a reality that accepts diversity by integrating it.

    The teaching activity is programmed by the educational group in collaboration with the didactic coordinator and supervised by the didactic-educational Director.

    THE FACILITY is an independent villa of 350 square meters, developed on two floors. The ground floor is dedicated to the infant and toddler classes; the upper floor is designed for older children. It welcomes children from 3 months up to 6 years and has homogeneous sections. It also offers thematic workshops and rental for parties and events.

     SPACES AND FURNISHINGS have been designed in structured corners and created to favor the evolutionary and cognitive processes of children in total safety. The environment is organized to promote children’s autonomy in the choice of materials to experiment.

    The different types of offer are carefully arranged; the materials are never presented in excessive quantities and with exaggeratedly bright colors to favor the state of calm and reflective thinking.

    The choice of material is varied to enrich perceptions which, by touching the different emotions, will favor the organization of thought and verbalization. Natural and recycled materials are privileged, essential elements for the development of creativity and divergent thinking

    THE SCHOOL IS OPEN from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00, from September 1st to July 31st. In August, the school will be open the first and last week based on membership.

    To support families there are different time slots throughout the day:

    • 7.30 am – 11.30 am
    • 7.30 am – 4.30 pm
    • 7.30 am – 6.30 pm

    THE KITCHEN is on site and provides an ASL approved menu that rotates over 5 weeks.

    The school ensures a constant commitment to guaranteeing safety and hygiene carried out through the HACCP self-control plans for the canteen service, with periodic checks by sector managers, and in the safety of the workplace.

     The school adopts NEOLIFE – GNLD International cleaning and cleansing products, a leader in the cleaning sector that offers biodegradable detergents. The formulas used are environmentally friendly: no toxic fumes, no harmful chemical agents!

    THE EDUCATIONAL TEAM is in possession of the necessary qualifications (Degrees and specializations) trained and updated on manoeuvres of airway obstructions in pediatric age.






    For more information and  to request an appointment:
    Tel.  + 39 0666410519  Cell.+ 39 3517404201

  • La Maisonnette – Capricci

    Via Ugo da Porta Ravegnana, 7 – 00165 Roma 
    Tel. + 39 06 66410519 – Cell. + 39 3517404201


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